We are an Italian lighting group that has garnered recognition for our outstanding brands, Creative Cables, Plumen, Bebulbs and Eiva. Our mission is to apply our values and leverage our competences to areas that span components, solutions, and beyond. As pioneers of personalized, configurable, and bespoke lighting, both for consumers and professionals, Mosaic Spa stands as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly blending the rich heritage of Italian design and savoir-faire with a distinct contemporary flair. Our brands embody the essence of self-expression, offering a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge style.

Our Vision

At Mosaic Spa, our passion for lighting extends beyond the bare illumination of spaces; it is a dedication to curating experiences that transcend the ordinary. With Creative-Cables at our forefront, we combine tradition and modernity to redefine the boundaries of lighting design. Our mission is to infuse life into spaces by harmonizing Italian design heritage with the latest trends, creating a symphony of elegance and innovation that captivates the senses.

Whether it's through handcrafted pieces or the endless array of customizable options, we take pride in offering lighting solutions that resonate with the distinct personas of our clientele. This is the world of Mosaic Spa, where each light tells a story, and every setting becomes a canvas for personal expression.


1. Fairness: At the core of Mosaic Spa Group's ethos lies the guiding light of fairness, shaping our interactions with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Grounded in integrity and empathy, we prioritize treating all stakeholders equitably, fostering relationships built on trust and respect.

2. Personalization and Freedom of Expression: We celebrate the uniqueness of every individual, believing that true brilliance shines when personal identity finds its voice. Our commitment to fostering freedom of expression is reflected in our products, empowering customers to illuminate spaces in ways that mirror their distinct personalities.

Ethical Standards

Mosaic Spa sets an unwavering benchmark for ethical conduct, harmonizing principles that illuminate the essence of our business dealings. We are committed to endorse honesty, integrity, and transparency as the foundations of our interactions, ensuring that every action is guided by these values.

Our commitment extends to fostering a culture of respect and dignity, where every individual is treated with the respect they deserve. We actively stand up for diversity and inclusivity within our workspace, recognizing the inherent strength that arises from a melting pot of unique perspectives.

Customer Promise

For us lighting is an avenue for expressiveness: our goal is to help the customer realize unique lighting visions. Through personalization and tailored solutions as standard offerings, we ensure that the path to achieving the lighting dreams remains free from additional costs or fees.

Our approach centers around finding solutions first and foremost, embracing the philosophy of saying "yes" before resorting to "no." We are equally committed to ensuring that this unparalleled service comes at a price point that is second to none.

At Mosaic Spa Group, our customer promise reflects our genuine passion for providing personalized excellence. We are dedicated to bringing lighting aspirations to life, making them tangible and exceptional in every way.